Kate Wright

In 2016 Kate Wright qualified as a 5 style Yoga Instructor.

Kate has been practicing Yoga for 7 years with her Instructor Liz Warrington http://www.lizwarringtonyoga.com/ in the style of Vanda Scaravelli. Inspired by a gentle and kind approach to Yoga and its movement Connecting spine, breath and Mother Earth

Kate has been practicing meditation for 10 years and has been teaching meditation and breath work to children and adults for the last 5 years. She has always loved working with the breath.

Now with a deeper understanding of Yoga and Anatomy, Kate has set up her own course in Worthing, West Sussex: http://poipassion.com/mind-and-body-yoga-monday/

Kate takes a slow, kind and disciplined approach with the students and has awareness in her approach to teaching. She gives students time to understand and learn the move by breaking it down and having students stay in each move to get deeper into their body and breath in a quiet, safe environment.

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