Our Workshop Facilitators and Instructors

The Wellderness works in partnership with a network of Professional Facilitators
who all share our values and are very much a part of the Wellderness family.

We are proud to dedicate ourselves to supporting the continuous development of knowledge and skills of all our members, volunteers and staff.

Workshops and Learning Courses you can take part in at The Wellderness cover a broad range of subjects and themes.

You are sure to find something that sparks your interest from these inspiring teachers!

Piccolo Touch

Chiara Pavan

My name is Chiara and I run a Parent and Baby Wellness business, Piccolo Touch. I teach baby
massage classes and outdoor classes in nature……

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Debbie Fox Tai Chi and Chi Kung

Tai Chi and Chi Kung have been a great support in my life and are something that I really enjoy sharing with others. I have had the pleasure of running
community classes in Worthing since 2003….

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Kat Naish Photography

I’m Kat, I love taking too many photos. 

My favourite subjects? Children and nature. 

I love the way kids are still without inhibitions and I have found solace in nature. It helps me tune out the noise from our busy lives, and I make sure I get big doses of it on a regular basis.

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Kate Wright – Mind and Body Yoga

Kate has been practicing meditation for 10 years and has been teaching meditation and breath work to children and adults for the last 5 years. She has always loved working with the breath.

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